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"The American dream does not end when it comes true for you. It becomes your duty to make it true for others." -- Dr. David Satcher, U.S. Surgeon general

Grant Writing Specialists (GWS) is a collaborative of talented and diverse grant writers and researchers whose experience covers a wide range of disciplines including education, disabilities, social justice, medicine, and human and civil rights. We assist community-based organizations to secure funding from both the public and private sectors. We also work with nonprofit groups who embrace cultural diversity and work for social and environmental change.

Our services include nonprofit consulting, resource development, grant writing, program evaluation, training, fundraising, media and public relations. We use our organizational skills, dedication to detail, and gift for tackling complex projects with tight deadlines to assist our clients in fulfilling their mission. As team members, GWS helps our clients grow and make a bigger difference in their communities. As an expression of our support to the many organizations whose mission is to make their community a better and more nurturing environment, we offer a series of grant writing classes. We formed Grant Writing Specialists as a company that puts a premium on Civility, Integrity, and Honesty. These are the Cornerstones of our Collaborative.

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