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Cornerstones of Our Collaborative

Civility must be an important part of any business. We will always treat our clients with respect, civility, and humor. We are entitled to the same in return. We choose only to do business when these standards are present.
We feel it is a point of principal to work only with organizations whose missions are in keeping with our own personal belief system.
Our primary motivation is to make a difference in the community and we will work to help those groups that are doing just that. However, our secondary motivation is to earn a living doing this. We are, after all, a business.
Positive Influence
We will only offer assistance to programs where our involvement has a positive impact on those served by the organization. In addition, we will only accept as clients those groups that are actively involved in making a difference in their community.
Sharing Our Knowledge
We are committed to helping educate nonprofit organizations and those that love them by offering free workshops and training throughout the community which emphasize our common-sense approach to simplified grant writing and fund development.
An atmosphere of openness should exist in all our business relationships. We are committed to open communications and the sharing of resources and ideas among the programs and individuals we assist.
Among our collaborative members, we strongly feel that fairness in dealing with each other and our clients MUST always be a guiding precept. Life may not be fair, but those involved with our group will always strive to be so.
Our partnerships with our clients are seen as long-term commitments to enable us to know and understand the organizations, its constituents, and its structure. We offer all our clients as much flexibility as we can in both scheduling and fee structure.
We encourage organizations to become results-oriented because there has to be a direct relationship between money spent and results achieved. We also help our clients develop long-term strategies by building staff and volunteer capacity and complying with funding rules and regulations.
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