Customarily, when a nonprofit group decides to begin an aggressive grant writing program, they don't realize how much information will need to be conveyed to the person charged with putting

their request on paper. Many of the items listed below are considered common knowledge within your organization, and putting them in writing for your "grant writer" is very helpful.


1 If your school has a 501 (c) (3) affiliation, list its name as it appears on the IRS form as well as any AKAs
2 Complete Address
3 County in which your main campus is located
4 School District Name
5 Telephone Number
6 Fax Number
7 E-Mail Address of school and pertinent staff
8 Web Site Address (if applicable)
9 Name of the Principal and date hired
10 When was your school established?
11 Mission statement
12 If applicable, when was your nonprofit affiliate established? Date of 501(c)(3) certification and IRS number
13 Date of 509(a) certification (of your nonprofit affiliate)
14 Date of State tax exemption and document number (of your nonprofit affiliate)
15 DNS#
16 Board structure and numbers (How involved are they)
17 Fiscal year (school year and duration)
18 Number of full time employees (certified/classified, etc.)
19 Number of part time employees (certified/classified, etc.)
20 Number of volunteers
21 Description of population served (include ethnicity percentages, free/reduced lunch percentages. National origins represented, languages represented, grade span/ages, etc.). Please include graduation rate/drop-out rate as well. The more information in this area, the better it is to locate additional funding sources.
22 Number of people served in an average year
23 Geographic area(s) served
24 Names of other schools (public or private) in your geographic area. Please break out by elementary, middle, high and alternative.
25 What makes your school unique from others in your category?
26 School's primary source of income (General Fund, Categorical funding sources (Title I, SIP, Title III, etc.)
27 Names of nonprofit organizations and/or businesses your program works with (partners with) in the community
28 Is your school an active member of any coalitions and/or community action groups?
29 Previous grant history
30 Previous fund raising history
31 Major accomplishments of your school
32 Areas in which your school is interested in obtaining grants
33 Primary Contact Personís name, phone number, fax number and e-mail address
34 Anything else you'd like to add

This form was developed by Penny Goforth of Grant Writing Specialists, for free distribution

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